In my opinion, the surest way to drive traffic to your money sites is by using Article marketing techniques.

People love information. More and more, people are doing searches within Article directories and Social bookmarking programs for the information they want. Many feel the main stream search engines are too ‘ paid ad ‘ orientated and dont provide exactly what they are looking for. This is subjective.

However the fact remains that submitting articles to Directories has a definite benefit or two.

Article marketing is all about relevance and appealing to the reader. Construction of the article is important and ‘ keyword density ‘ is probably the most important. Ideally your keywords should not exceed more than 4 – 5% of the message text. Any more than that could get you penalized by the search engines, and you being accused of ‘ keyword spamming ‘.가입시 꽁머니 지급

In the world of Article marketing there is a difference of opinion as to how many characters and or words are necessary when creating your piece. Many Directories demand a minimum and maximum number or characters or words. If the total of your text falls outside these parameters, your submission will falter and the Directories Systems will ask you to amend your text numbers. For this reason, many Authors create articles with about 500 words or 3000 characters as this is the requirement for the majority of Article directories. No-one said Article marketing was easy.

Your article, if its interesting enough, could be used by publishers of Blogs, Newsletters, in fact many types of websites that needs interesting and unique content. The positive side effect of this is the Resource Box, or Author Bio, at the end of your article. This is the backbone of your Article marketing campaign. In this Resource Box are links back to a money site thats relevant to your article. These are known as Backlinks and looked on with approval by the Search engine Bots.

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