Dubai is one of the very most visited destinations of the world both by business travelers and leisure travelers. Most leisure travelers arrived at Dubai as a result of various manufactured attractions that have been created in Dubai with the help of technological advancement. The best part is that because the travel industry has evolved so have the different amenities intended for travelers. During holidays in Dubai from luxury star hotels to the budget motels you can find accommodation to match different budgets. At once, you also have a choice of furnished and serviced apartments where you can cook your own meals.

Best Time for you to Visit

The climate of Dubai is a warm and arid desert climate with temperatures soaring as high as 50 degrees Celsius throughout the summers. Of course most of the indoor facilities in Dubai are air conditioned but with such high temperatures there will be little comfort in outdoor activities. Hence if you wish to take pleasure from Dubai to the fullest then the winter months from November to February are the most effective time of the year. At the moment, the climate here is moderate and you are able to enjoy both indoor and outdoor fun as every Dubai tourist guide will tell you.

Major Attractions of the City

The absolute most famous attraction of Dubai is the desert safari. There’s a definite attract the desert the same as other components of nature and with the desert safari you will have a way to see the authentic desert environment.

The Burj Khalifa is the sole Seven Star Hotel on earth and also the tallest building. Besides being a lavish place to stay for the well-heeled travelers it can be a tourist attraction in itself.

When it is sun and sand that you are trying to find then you desert safari deals should visit the Jumeirah and Atlantis beaches which attract the utmost tourists during the winter months. When you are here you are able to indulge in boat tours which enable you to enjoy the skyline of Dubai as visible from the ocean

The Dubai fountain is another manufactured attraction which is a marvel in this parched desert land. This fountain is the biggest on earth and is choreographed to lovely music.

The Atlantis hotel is another attraction which has several things like a live aquarium and water sports which may be enjoyed in a lavish atmosphere. A call to the hotel can be quite a part of most Dubai holiday packages.
Travel Essentials

The visa formalities for entering this emirate are fairly simple and a lot of people get visa on arrival here. However, you need to keep in mind that the laws of the country are extremely strict and violation of any one of them can land you in serious trouble. Hence it is recommended to understand the dos and don’ts here. It can be recommended to hold some summer clothes because you’re unlikely to need woolens even in the winter.


There are numerous accommodation options in Dubai as previously mentioned above. Some Dubai tour packages include accommodation arrangements depending on your budget and requirement. You’ve a choice between star luxury hotels, budget hotels and serviced apartments.

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