The term “click here” is really a generic term that appears all on the internet – should you choose a Google seek out it yields 1.7 billion results (yes billion!), even if you do a precise search it still yields 972 million results. I believe you would agree these are astronomical results and I bet you’re now wondering which site ranks number one with this term? – if you fail to be bothered to check then I allow you to know right now – it’s the adobe acrobat download page – I bet you did not think that is the one.

So why, apart from passing interest, would anyone be interested in such a fact? The answer to this question is anyone who is thinking about internet search engine optimization (SEO) – if I inform you that the most effective ranking page for “click here” doesn’t contain the definition of “click here”, it does not appear in the pages meta tags nor do either of the language even appear individually on the page then it could alter some of one’s thinking about SEO.

So in the end that’s has been discussed on page optimization (keyword density, use of meta tags, use of tags to highlight key phrases etc) we locate a clear example of a premier ranking site that has NO on page optimization at all, it completely disregards all of the accepted wisdom about on page optimization and still ranks top out of 1 billion results.

So how has this been achieved ?.The answer is straightforward – backlinks. You can find literally a huge selection of thousands of sites that connect to the adobe acrobat download page. 커뮤니티 사이트 순위 Equally importantly as the number of backlinks is the quality of the links – many of these backlinks originate from authority sites (.edu,.gov etc).

What is particularly interesting is this level of links has probably been built organically – i.e. by people planning to connect to the website as opposed to been requested or encouraged to complete so. And why have they done this? – Because the website has something unique, useful or interesting to offer. This principle is an excellent anyone to bear in mind when developing your linking strategy – what am I offering that is exclusive, useful or interesting and that folks will WANT to connect to?

This example of a higher ranking site appears to go against all perceived wisdom on site ranking i.e. it appears to declare that on page optimization has no impact on ranking what so ever. Whilst this does appear to be true in cases like this what we are probably seeing could be the sheer scale of top quality links to the website far outweighing any possible on page optimization to the point where it’s irrelevant. However this would not likely hold true for a large proportion of sites who do not need these vast quantities of backlinks. In these cases the on page optimization will still affect ranking and therefore still has to be studied care of.

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