Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, lies in the Mediterranean sea off the south east coast of mainland Spain. This, therefore, guarantees that Mallorca properties are greatly sought after. Son Sant Joan, which is the main tourist airport, is a large modern facility, and is located in the south of the island just outside the capital Palma. property for sale in France The first recognizable landmark on the final approach before landing will be the magnificent 14th Century Gothic cathedral at nearby Palma, and the sight of it from the air never ceases to take your breath away. Island has unique country sides and landscapes where you will feel like in a paradise. Like the good economy and social services, the health system too is amongst the best in the world. Spain has big corporations that have extended all over the world; its reputation in the business world is certainly increasing, including that of Mallorca!

Why to invest in Mallorca property:

1 Mallorca has all sorts of large, luxury apartments, villas and houses which can be used as holiday homes, residents, or as an investment purpose.

2 Mallorca has a good representation of financing and investment purposes. Mallorca has stable economy and political system makes it one of the most profitable places to invest in.

3 Mallorca pleasant and unique weather during the whole year makes it an attractive place to live with not season restrictions with full enjoyment. This provokes the property demand is particularly high all the year long with a rapid rate.

4 Mallorca population is increasing every year, as well as its property and market demand rise.

5 Any type of property is welcome in Mallorca. With a continuous growth of property prices due to its diverse natural landscape, many types of property can be found, since coquette flats and apartments, also chalets, until luxury villas and resorts.

With so much Spanish property for sale to find the best property that can within the budget and the more houses you see, the more sure you will be about the selected property and your dream home. If you are buying an off-plan property the developer may offer a mortgage with very favorable terms and conditions. Spanish mortgage can advise you prior to your departure to bring with you all the necessary documentation and receive the expert advice you need. You should have a lawyer who will carry out numerous checks to ensure that your chosen property is indeed owned by the person selling it and that it has been marketed correctly. Using a lawyer safeguards your investment and means that when you receive ownership of your property you will not inherit any outstanding debts. Typically a lawyer will charge 1% of the purchase price of your property plus VAT at 16% for his services during the sale process. The final stage of your purchase will be formally completed before a Public Notary when the vendor signs the property over to you.

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