The traditional means of advertising in newspapers is you have to personally walk-in to the publication office, stand in a queue, fill the forms and then publish your ad. However now newspaper advertising booking has are more easy. Newspaper advertising online booking can be achieved from anywhere and at anytime through book4ad. You can book newspaper ads online by just sitting at one place.

Book4ad, a respected online advertisement booking agency provides an easy and comfortable method to book your advertisements online. It incorporates online advertisement booking system using which newspaper advertising online booking can be performed without any effort.

As we know, today we are able to see many types of advertising but nevertheless the newspaper advertising is the very first and most preferred kind of advertising compared to the other forms of advertising. naija news  Publishing ads in newspapers not just promotes your company, but it may also a best approach to operate a vehicle customers and also works as a way of communication for the existing customers. Through newspaper advertising you can also reach to maximum audience. Advertising in newspapers can attract nearly all aged audience especially middle-aged customers who gain the data through newspapers.

You can book your ads online for any type of ads like classified-text ads, classified-display ads or display ads. The classified-text ads are simple running text ads which are published in the CLASSIFIEDS portion of the newspaper. The classified advertisement rates are based on the amount of lines to be printed in the advertisement column. The classified advertisement booking online is the absolute most cost-effective method to attain to the neighborhood customers if your company is localized.

These classified ads are divided in to various kinds of categories like Matrimonial, Business, Astrology, Name Change Marriage Bureau, Travel, Personal Announcement, Public Notice, Tenders, Vehicles, Recruitment, Education, Computers, Services, Health & Fitness, Property For Sale, Property For Rent, Remembrance,and various Other Categories. You can choose more than one categories based on products or services you are offering and book classified advertisement online based in your requirement.

The ads rates for classified-display ads newspaper advertising online booking depends on the space occupied by the advertisement i.e. the classified display advertisement is calculated based on per square centimeter (sq.cms). The isn’t any particular limit for how big the classified-display ad. You can choose the classified-display ads as per your requirement

The advertisement rates for display ads newspaper advertising online booking also depends on the space occupied by the advertisement i.e. the display advertisement rate can be calculated based on per square centimeter (sq.cms). There are many types of display ads like quarter page ads, half page ads and you may also publish full page ad. The display advertisements are very costly in comparison to classified-text ads and classified-displayads.Though these display ads are very high in cost, most big organizations like automobile industries and other big companies prefer for publishing display ads as they can create high impact and attract the customers. Also the reach of the display ads is extremely high.

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