The actual parotid gland, located round the hearing, is actually among 6 main salivary glands. These types of glands create the actual saliva that lubricates the actual mouth area, assists within digestive function, safeguards tooth, as well as allows for flavor. Parotidectomy, 頂漿腺手術 or even elimination from the parotid gland, offers a number of signs. Included in this are removing harmless or even cancer growths, entry with regard to heavy laying growths as well as hardly ever, with regard to elimination associated with chronically contaminated glands.

This particular surgical treatment is actually fraught along with possibly substantial problems. Probably the most a worry is actually face neural weak point. The actual face neural, that innervates the actual face muscle tissue, operates with the parotid gland and for that reason, surgical treatment about the gland might hinder the actual perform from the face neural. This might take place in a number of methods. When the growth is actually cancer, the actual neural should end up being eliminated combined with the growth by itself, to have a remedy. When the growth is actually harmless, the actual doctor can make just about all efforts in order to protect the actual neural. Nevertheless, extending from the neural, or even surrounding cautery might lead to short-term or even long term weak point.

The 2nd possible side-effect is actually numbness within the hearing as well as encounter. This particular outcomes through extending or even disturbance using the auricular neural, the industry physical neural overlying the actual parotid. Generally, the region associated with numbness may recede as time passes in order to regarding how big one fourth within the back again the main mouth.

The ultimate danger specific in order to parotidectomy is actually Frey’s affliction, that is perspiring within the encounter, about the run aspect, anytime the individual consumes tasty meals. This really is difficult just for the group associated with sufferers.

Presently, there are many methods open to prevent face neural damage. Painstaking surgical treatment may be the first of all theory. Within additional circumstances, especially inside a scarred or even formerly operated-on gland, the neural keep track of is actually essential with regard to determining the actual neural using the pc prior to it may be really observed. When the neural needs to be eliminated, because regarding the salivary most cancers, an instantaneous neural graft can be achieved.

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