There isn’t a charity, non-profit or church around that can’t use more funds in the lender for their unique causes. The topic might be the top topic of board meetings everywhere, on a monthly basis, every meeting. For the smaller organizations, it’s a consistent source of concern. Short-run newspapers may be a solution to a large degree of this issue.

Most communities and organizations rely on the old standards of fundraising: candy bars, car washes, bake sales and so on. While these almost always work, there isn’t much profit in it because of the massive amount of sales required to essentially generate much income.

The objective of fundraising is always to manage to generate monies for a cause, a message, or even a service. But what if you could do both? What if you could deliver your message in this way as to boost funds? That could be a perfect fundraiser. Short-run newspapers may do just that.

Take a charity that prints 3,000 newsletters every other month. naija news The newsletter serves several purposes. It informs, communicates with potential donors, keeps their name facing people, and generates awareness. Changing the newsletter, however, into a newspaper allows the charity to truly make a profit while delivering their message!

There have been several reasons for businesses to produce this switch. Newspapers do have more room to provide a message, can be more professional in features, are more affordable than printing newsletters, and allows the charity to sell advertisements to local businesses to pay for the entire printing expense. Newsletters just don’t provide the inherent ability to sell and offer ads just how a newspaper does-and that’s the important thing to why a newspaper can generate a profit more readily when compared to a newsletter can.

It will be hardly any effort of most to boost their printing from 3,000 copies to 5,000 or 10,000 newspapers. On a 4 page newspaper, there’s usually enough room to sell 12 ads. If these ads can be purchased for only $100 an area, they would not only have sufficient money to fund their newspapers, but a profit as well. They could invest that profit other projects, use it to facilitate direct mailings, or use for other things that is needed.

Churches, non-profits and others everywhere are now actually using this format to either purchase their promoting tools, or utilizing it to produce money. And should you choose it right, it isn’t just a few dollars-it can be quite substantial. And it’s effective, too. The newspapers, for pretty much everybody who’s tried it, has taken leads to these different organizations in ways that other printed media sources, and even online methods, never accomplished. People read them.

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