Color Field painting was a highly popular kind of Abstract Art of the mid-twentieth century. It was a pioneering design of some lead Abstract Expressionists of New York, who found their motivation in European Modernism.

The Intricacies
Like all of the abstract style, Color Field doesn’t put a primer on the techniques of painting. As a result, it’s distinguished by a very simplistic color scheme, which doesn’t take advantage of any sketching or gray-scale painting base. Color Field is just a flat design of bold colors, as streaks, bands, continuous harga pengecatan lapangan brushwork, or uniform color canvas. The emphasis listed here is on the colour harmony, such that the qualities of individual colors are brought out. Dull tones or clashing combinations aren’t acceptable. Many of these works are emerge colossal frames which make the interplay of colors even more prominent.

Kinds of Color Field Painting
The methodology of producing a Color Field work is varied.

o Stain Painting: It’s the most famous procedure of all. Originated by Joan Miro, it involves dabbing or pouring highly diluted paint on unprimed canvas. The natural movement of the paint through the porous cloth creates beautiful hues and fusion patterns. Helen Frankenthaler’s ‘Mountain and Sea’ and Morris Louis’ ‘Where’ would be the classic types of Stain Painting.
o Spray Painting: As the name suggests, Spray Painting involves the utilization of a color spray gun to produce blended hues with finely speckled appearance. Jules Olitski was the daddy of Spray Painting, whose ‘Comprehensive Dream’ and ‘Draky’ are masterworks in graded tones.

o Magna Painting: Magna Painting was similar in procedure as Stain Painting and employed the utilization of magna super, diluted in turpentine oil or alcohol. Magna is a form of acrylic paint, that is insoluble in water. Sam Golden and Leonard Bocour developed it, but Morris Louis mastered its use. His magnificent pieces, ‘Point of Tranquility’ and ‘Number 99 (1959 – 60)’ are some famous creations of the genre.

o Striping: Stripes are color bands in no particular combination. Different painters adopted different forms of stripes in their works. For instance, Morris Louis and Barnett Newman painted in verticals, while David Simpson and Kenneth Noland produced horizontal designs. ‘Black Grey Beat’ by Gene Davis is one of many significant works in Stripes. It remarkably includes bright colors in between the dull gray and black vertical stripes, highlighting the vibrancy of these shades.

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