Well, are you like me? Do you own a smart phone that you awfully abuse? Do you secretly consider your phone as your best buddy in the world? Would you cry your eyes out if something remotely bad happened to your mobile phone? If that’s the case, join the club, my friend. iphone cases canada (Pssst.. I have nightmares where I tragically drop my phone in water and a shark eats it! ) Do you have such stomach-gripping, nerve- wrecking nightmares too? Wait, what? No sharks? Okaaay, may be I am just a tad bit crazy! Whatever might be the case, here are 9 reasons why you must use cases!

  1. Scratches are awful!: Let’s face it, no matter how careful you are, you’ll probably drop your phone at least once or twice in a month (10 times perhaps if you are anything like me! ). Cases can provide you with all the protection that you phone may need! With a phone case, your phone doesn’t have to fight gravity all the time.
  2. Wait, what? You didn’t buy insurance?: Do you own a 50 grand phone but don’t have insurance? You little daredevil! Well, don’t worry about it; you belong to the fearless population of the world. But putting a case on your smart phone makes sense while letting you be fearless. The smart phone cases that offer the best protection are a cheaper way of using your gadget for longer time, especially since you don’t usually have to get a new one each time you get a new phone. cases are your insurance!
  3. Water friendly: We take our phones like everywhere. Literally. Like the bathroom, crazy parties. If you ask me I’d rather go for a swim with my phone than a boyfriend. Well, if that’s the case, grab water-proof cases and take your phone out for a swim so that you don’t miss your phone much. Well, you can’t actually take your gadget under water, but you can be less of worrywart in case of a splash!
  4. Friction, the evil necessity!: The problem with sleek, stylish smart phones is that they are super slippery. Well, your sexy, gorgeous phone can be held more easily with rubber phone cases. A good case can add a bit of grip to keep it from sliding out of your hand and onto the pavement.
  5. Aged phones!: You might think that it makes no sense to spend extra bucks on a phone that may as well belong to the senior citizen category of phones! Well, here is where you are wrong. Your phone is an extension of you. It might contain some relevant data that you just cannot afford to lose. So, don’t take the risk, get a damn phone case already! Also, if you are embarrassed by your aged phone, rock it using bling phone cases!
  6. Flaunt and taunt: Phone cases are not just for protecting your phones. They are a representation of you! So, get a chic phone case from thousands available or personalise it to add a little touch of you.
  7. Resale: There are times when we want to hop onto the latest trend and grab a new phone off the shelf. If you want to sell an older phone instead of keeping it around, phone cases are the way to go. A phone case will reduce the chances of scratches retaining the newness of your old phone and in turn increasing the resale value!

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